Earth: fallen off

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, contrary to popular belief. 2009 has just been a crazy whirlwind of a year, and Twitter-length updates are easier to coordinate in such times. Time to start putting other things (like blogging) back on the table.

Ereaders: seemingly a new one every day, though I’m still upset that the Readius device which looks so cool is apparently “stalled.” A colleague suggested that I organize a bake sale or a car wash to help out Polymer Vision. Who’s with me?

Other ereaders, such as the Kindle 2, the Kindle DX, the COOL-ER, etc. are increasingly in the news — it’s a fun time to be involved in digital publishing. I was thrilled when the MLA recently announced it no longer privileged print as the default medium for published works. This marks a big cultural shift in scholarship and publishing, and I’m hopeful that publishers will catch up with this idea and prioritize the development of media-rich, networked, open standards content.

Unrelated, but following up on my earlier post about those who denounce ebooks, claiming they could never surrender “the smell of books,” perhaps they should just investigate getting a good ereader and gallons of this?


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