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Via Catalogablog, I was just clued in to Viewzi, a search engine which encourages search grouping in a visually appealing way.  Rather than search Google shopping or Google images, one can search Viewzi’s “Everyday Shopping View,” which searches within Amazon, ebay, Target, and Wal-Mart, or Viewzi’s “News View,” which searches CNN, Google Images, Newsvine, Reuters, etc. — and these are only a few of the possibilities.  In addition to the multiple cool search groupings, Viewzi’s interface is pretty snazzy, although sometimes cluttered.  (It’s probably telling that their site description lists them as being “a new and highly visual way to search” first, only mentioning “bring[ing] all your favorite stuff together” afterwards.)  They’re in beta now, so I think it will be interesting to see how their searches develop over time.  Especially if Viewzi is open to new search categorizations and perhaps add-ons and/or plugins from outside developers… they could be on to something.


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